Sometimes I get home from seeing clients

Gabrielle Newman

BHSc (Nutritional Medicine)

ANTA Member

Hi, I'm Gabrielle, I'm a clinical nutritionist, former professional cook, wellness speaker, nature lover, aunty, self care enthusiast and dog mum.

And I'm a woman who loves to help other women.

I started studying my bachelor degree in nutrition because I was working as a short-order cook and wanted a better understanding of food. Members of my family had started developing food allergies and autoimmune conditions later in life and I was curious as to why and how I could help them. I also had a few health issues myself that I didn't even realise diet and lifestyle medicine may have been able to assist (like irregular menstrual cycles and hormone imbalances, migraines, depression and gut issues, just to name a few) which I've been able to manage and improve through nutritional and lifestyle medicine. This is how I developed my passion for everything female hormones and health.


And here I am ten years after I started, with my science degree helping women to feel great about their health, their bodies, their minds and their lives. I'm passionate about helping women balance their hormones naturally for regular menstrual cycles, better mental health, improved fertility and vitality. I see women with gut issues who are struggling to lose or gain weight. I listen to women who are exhausted by life and help them to manage their stress, support their mental health and improve their energy and wellbeing.

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