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In order to best serve my current clients, I am not currently accepting new clients.

In one-on-one Initial Consults we chat everything about your health! Questions are a major part of my tool kit - I’ll be asking a lot: from head-to-toe, inside-and-out, all about you and your health so far, what brought you to see a nutritionist and where you want to see yourself in the future. I determine if you require further functional testing, look at anthropometrics and analyse your current diet. This is how I build a clear picture of you as a whole and work out how best to help you, through diet and lifestyle medicine that is all backed by science.

Together, we set some realistic goals for you based on the results you want to see and how you want to feel. We discuss treatment options, potential functional pathology or TGA approved supplementation and after your appointment I send you a detailed treatment plan with achievable steps to start making changes in your life. This begins the ground work for a long term plan for your health so you can sustain it long after you’ve stopped requiring my assistance.

In Follow Up consults we talk over anything we may have missed or anything that's developed since. We review your progress, look at what is helping and develop your next treatment protocol to keep you on track to your health goals.

Accountability Calls are offered for clients who are struggling to keep on top of their treatment plans and need a little extra encouragement. Think of me as your own personal cheerleader on the other end of the phone to guide you and answer any questions that may come up between consults.

Initial Appointment 60 mins - $129

Follow Up 45 mins - $85

Accountability Call 15 mins - $20

We like to make things easy for you - so we have two consultation options:

- At your home

- Online via secure telehealth video chat

Bookings currently not available.



We offer a range of seminars, Q&A talks, and food preparation demonstrations for children and adults on health, diet and lifestyle - adaptable to a variety of settings. As an experienced speaker and former professional cook, Gabrielle is engaging and informative.


- Healthy Eating for Kids

- Lunchbox Ideas Anyone Can Make

- Snack Sessions

- Toddler Talk (including tips on fussy eaters)


- Easy Dinners

- Breakfast on-the-go

- Healthy Snacks 

- Relieve your Stress

- Increase your Energy

- Gut Health

Alternatively, we can tailor our workshops to suit your needs. Girl Guides group wanting to know more about periods? People in your office struggling to eat healthy? Or do you have an idea? Chat to us and let's collaborate!



Would you like some recipes developed for your bootcamp or program? 

Recipes for good health; nutritionally balanced and packed with flavour can be developed to suit your clientele and their needs. 


A note on Private Health Rebates:

The great news is that some private health funds provide rebates for nutrition services, including:

  • AHM

  • Australian Regional Health Group

  • Australian Unity Health Insurance

  • CBHS

  • GMF

  • Grand United Health

  • Medibank Private

  • NIB


Unfortunately, we are not provided with HICAPS, so you will be required to pay in full and claim through your private health fund after your consultation. For more information including rebate amounts, please speak directly with your fund.