My Top 5 Non-Diet Tips for Better Digestion

Do you have issues with indigestion or excessive burping? What about an upset stomach or feelings of nausea after eating? Are you low in energy even though you think you’re eating healthy food? Well, sit down, and read my top non-diet tips for better digestion. Implementing some of the following may help to improve some of those symptoms for you!

1. Sit down to eat. This seems so simple, right?? But sitting down, stopping to eat and putting away distractions (like phones, computers and TVs) encourages you to be more mindful of what you’re eating and gives your body a better chance to digest your food.

2. Take your time to eat. Chew properly! Digestion starts in your mouth, if you’re not chewing your food properly you’re making it (literally) harder to swallow and more difficult for your stomach to break it down. Taking your time to eat and chew properly can fix indigestion and excessive burping for some people.

As well as this, taking your time can help your hormone signalling. The hormones in your stomach (leptin) that signals to the brain that you’re full takes about 20 minutes or so to actually kick in. So by taking your time and slowing down, you’re less likely to over eat.

3. Calm down. By slowing down, you’re also calming your nervous system. When you’re stressed and in a state of ‘fight or flight,’ your digestion doesn’t even factor on the body’s to-do list. When you’re stressed the body’s sympathetic nervous has kicked in, and as an evolutionary response, the body directs blood away from the digestive system and into the peripheries (so you can run away faster). Because of this, eating while you’re stressed out can cause all sorts of issues like indigestion, nausea and poor nutrient uptake and absorption from your food.

4. Learn to recognise hunger. Are you actually hungry? Sometimes the body is feeling a little dehydrated, but maybe you’ve been too busy and haven’t heard the whispers. So instead, the body makes your stomach rumble because you usually can’t ignore that one. Try having a glass of water and give it 15 minutes to kick in before you jump straight to the snacks.

5. Serve yourself and walk away. This is one of the best tips to combat over-eating (reducing nausea and bloating after eating a big meal), especially when you’re at big events. Set up a seperate serving table when you’re hosting, and limit the amount of snacks on the table. By serving yourself one plate of food, and walking away from the rest you’re less likely to pick “just because it’s there.” If you’re still hungry 20 minutes later then you can always go back for seconds (just make your serving size smaller)!

So, there you go! Try implementing some of these mindful eating techniques, especially over the coming holiday period to help improve your digestion. And if you’ve got any other tips drop me line and let me know!



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